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under the influence

A stunning artistic debut for Ricardo Lira Acuña as he chronicles through verse and photography the journey of a broken heart, from memories of youth to disillusionment as an adult.

"Stirring, lyrical, and provocative, UNDER THE INFLUENCE will transport and haunt you with its words, visuals and profound insights. It has the most soul per square inch of any book I've read. A real treat."

- Melinda Hsu, Writer for Lost

Greetings from Heaven & Hell

A must-read, must-see follow-up to Ricardo Lira Acuña’s first poetry and photography book "under the influence," "Greetings from Heaven & Hell" continues the raw, heart-wrenching confessional of the heaven and hell of: love and marriage, working and living in the city, writing, drinking, and making peace with himself after losing his father.


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